Beyond These Doors

Beyond these doors you will find a strange world. It may not look like much, but don’t let your eyes fool you. This is a holy place. A place filled with majesty and wonder. This is the place that God himself has promised to meet with his people in a specific and special way.

Inside this place you will find a book. It may look like any other book, but don’t be deceived. This is an ancient book passed down from generation to generation. Within its pages you will find marvelous things. This book contains the words of eternal life. This book is the Word of God.

Underneath this book you will find a pulpit. Behind this pulpit you will find a man. He may look like an ordinary man, but he is anything but ordinary. This man was sent by God himself. He has been sent with a message. A good message. A saving message. Listen closely to his words, you don’t want to miss it. It is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes. It is the announcement of what God has done in Jesus Christ to save sinners. This message is The Gospel.

In front of the pulpit you will find a table. The Lord’s Table. Sitting on this table you will find bread and wine. These may look like ordinary things, but these elements have been set apart for a special purpose. This is heavenly food, pointing to the broken body and poured out blood of God’s beloved son. The lamb that takes away the sin of the world.

In front of the Lord’s Table you will find people. Weak, weary, sinful people. These people don’t deserve to be in the presence of God, but they come as they are, seeking mercy and grace. They may look like everybody else, but there is something different about them indeed. They have been gathered here together to be spiritually nourished. They have been graciously called to this place to worship. As they hear God’s Word and partake in the Lord’s Supper they are being changed. They are being molded by heavenly hands into the image of Jesus, their savior. These people are the children of God.

Behind these people there are seats. Empty seats. Seats waiting to be filled with even more people. Broken, hurting, guilty people. People in need of hope, peace and rest. These seats are always open and you are always welcome. Come with your doubts, you will find answers. Come with your fears, you will find calm. Come with your sorrow, you will find joy. Come with your shame, you will find forgiveness. Just come and see for yourself.

If you live near Denver, Colorado and would like to join my family and I for Sunday morning worship, email me ( and let me know.

For more information, our church’s website is at:

“The Lord’s Day is the day in which Jesus takes us to our Father, places us into His arms, and feeds us with the Holy Spirit’s food for our souls, the preaching of the gospel and the sacraments. There is, then, nothing better we can do on the Lord’s Day than assemble as a people to worship our covenant God together and receive His official means of grace.” – Daniel Hyde

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