Let me begin by telling you what I am not:

I am not a pastor.

I am not a biblical scholar.

I am not a professional theologian.

I am not a trained writer.

I am not a good person.


I am accepted by God.

I am deeply loved by God.

I am forgiven.

I am a child of God.

I am a just sinner.

This website exists for mainly one reason. To raise our eyes from ourselves and place them on Jesus Christ, our Savior. To tell of the wonders of God’s grace to us that we find in the Gospel of his beloved son. Through faith in him alone we are no longer identified by our pitiful performance. We are wholly identified by what he has accomplished on our behalf. Our sin and shame have been placed on another, fully paid for on his cross. His life of perfect obedience is placed in our account so we can be declared righteous in the sight of God.

This is how I can say that I am an accepted, beloved, forgiven, justified child of God. It all comes from God, from start to finish. For where our sin abounds, his grace abounds all the more.

To him be the glory alone.

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